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Financing your studies

Can I afford to study?

Studying at a private university offers you many advantages and is a worthwhile investment in your future. But since we know that many people cannot easily afford tuition fees, we are here to help you.

Financing your studies

What options are open to me?

Our extensive scholarship opportunities are open to all students, offering you a wide range of funding options. In addition, you always have the opportunity to apply for external scholarships.

We have also compiled information about all other established funding options for you on this page: for example, you can find out how and where to apply for financial assistance from the German government (BAföG).

You are, of course, welcome to contact our study advisors for financial advice.

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There is a wide range of scholarships available in Germany. To find out which may be relevant in your case, simply check the criteria for eligibility. The advantages of being a scholarship holder are as follows:

  • You benefit from a large network of people from different disciplines
  • You receive non-material support, e.g. in the form of thematic workshops, personal meetings and discussion groups
  • You do not have to repay the financial support you receive

The largest scholarship providers include 13 organisations for the promotion of young talent. SRH University Heidelberg also offers scholarships.

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To make it easier for talented prospective and current students to finance their studies, SRH University Heidelberg awards 16 scholarships each year, catering for different life situations:

  • For students with children
  • For Master’s students at our university
  • For young entrepreneurs
  • For talented school and university students
  • For outstanding social commitment

For students with disabilities or impairments

Find out more about SRH Scholarships

The Deutschlandstipendium is open to all sections of society, regardless of income. The scholarship, comprising € 300 per month for 12 months, supports students whose track record suggests that they will be high achievers, both academically and professionally. Half of the scholarship is financed by the Federal Government, and the other half by private sponsors.

Find out more about the Deutschlandstipendium

BAföG financial aid

Everyone has heard of BAföG financial aid. But do you know what requirements you need to meet in order to qualify for an interest-free loan (because that is essentially what BAföG is)? Many students assume that they are not eligible for BAföG because their parents work, for example: it is worth checking out the requirements to ensure that you have no financial worries, at least.

Studierendenwerk Stuttgart will be happy to advise you. The student services organisations are responsible for advising students on BAföG and for managing applications.

Detailed information on Studierendenwerk Stuttgart
Your overview of organisations for the promotion of young talent

Student loans & education funds

You should consider applying for a student loan or education fund if you are unable to fully finance your studies with a scholarship and/or BAföG. Unlike scholarships or BAföG, student loans must be repaid with interest. If you finance your studies with an education fund, repayment depends on your income.

As a student, you will also need money for rent, the canteen, sports activities and short trips. With a KfW Student Loan of up to € 650 per month, you can easily finance your studies or living expenses regardless of your parents’ income. KfW cooperates with all major banks.

Find out more here – with no strings attached

Study first, pay later? This too is possible. An education fund provided by Brain Capital enables you to pay back your tuition fees after you have completed your degree. A good way for you to be able to concentrate fully on your studies without any financial worries.

Find out more about Brain Capital and the Generation Contract here

Deutsche Bildung AG has been supporting students in Germany and abroad since 2006. The study fund is a useful alternative or addition to BAföG or a student loan. The options provided by Deutsche Bildung AG guarantee income-based repayment, i.e. they are based on the principle of solidarity.

This is a good way for students of all disciplines to receive flexible funding for their studies. Participating students also have the possibility to receive training, coaching and networking for a successful future via the WissenPlus training programme. The scheme is made possible by institutional and private investors who invest in the sustainable study fund of Deutsche Bildung.

More information about the Deutsche Bildung study fund
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From BAföG to scholarships: apply now online – quickly and easily

Together with our partner, you can easily calculate your individual monthly financial needs. Find out which financing options are available to you in real time, along with the amount for which you are eligible. You can then conclude a contract directly online. If you have any questions, a personal finance expert will always be on hand to guide you through the process until the money is in your account.

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