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Your private university in Stuttgart – what makes us special.

Your dreams are what motivate us

SRH Campus Stuttgart belongs to SRH University Heidelberg – a private, state-recognised and accredited higher education institution. Our objective is to ensure that you have the freedom to manage your studies and other responsibilities with ease, getting you off to a good start – on the path that you have chosen for yourself. We will prepare you for your career, offering you space for individual learning and personal support.

Studying at the Stuttgart Campus
Eingang Merz Akademie Stuttgart
Studying at the Stuttgart Campus

What makes us at SRH special

As an innovative, economically strong state capital, Stuttgart offers not only excellent career prospects, but also a high quality of life and cultural diversity. We provide you with personal, ongoing support in this vibrant environment, helping you to achieve the best possible outcome. For you, studying at our university means:

  • Bespoke support: Our teaching is characterised by innovative teaching and learning methods, small study groups and interactivity. Our professors act as coaches, supporting you with their expertise in your plans for the future. Whenever you have any questions, there will always be someone for you to contact on campus.
  • Interdisciplinary projects: When it comes to professional success, soft skills are just as important as expertise. At our university, you will learn to take an interdisciplinary approach to solving tasks in a goal-oriented manner. At the same time, we attach great importance to developing your organisational and communication skills. Seminars give you the opportunity to practice new techniques before applying them in projects and internships. 
  • Innovative teaching: Our study model, based on the CORE Principle, allows you to devote yourself to a specific topic for five weeks per module in a sustained and substantiated manner. You conclude each block with an examination. In this way, you develop your personal skills and receive personal and bespoke support from our lecturers.
  • Future-oriented study programmes: We develop our study programmes in collaboration with our practice partners, taking into account which skills you will need for your future profession. As a result, we are always in touch with the latest trends, helping us to adapt to ever-changing market requirements.
  • Modern campus: It is not only important how you study, but also where you study. Our campus in the heart of Stuttgart is a place to learn, live and feel at home. You will find an inspiring environment designed to encourage you to enjoy learning and working. Our premises are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tailored to the needs of our students. In addition to our library, we also provide you with a café.
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We are part of SRH, a non-profit foundation in the areas of education and health. To us, success does not mean higher, faster, further. We combine social responsibility with entrepreneurship.

50 years of excellence

We guide people on their own individual path

Pointing people towards their future, supporting them in maximising their employment potential, and individually shaping their education – this is what we are passionate about. Founded in 1969, the university originally concentrated on rehabilitation in employment. Forty students from engineering, 60 from business administration and 30 from architecture came to us that first year to study. Today, there are over 3,000 students from more than 80 countries who are preparing for their careers with us. And still we continue to provide maximum support, especially to students with physical or mental disabilities. All our students put their trust in our innovative study model, for which we received the Genius Loci Award for Excellence in Teaching from Stifterverband in 2018. Today, just as then, we are guiding our students on their path to the future with passion.

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